Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Importance of Mentor in e-Learning

The traditional meaning of ‘Mentor’ is one who offers support and direction. In the corporate scenario, mentoring is an established way of transferring knowledge, developing skills and fostering confidence.

With infusion of e-learning in corporate training, learners are more attuned to self-paced learning. E-Learning provides them the opportunity to learn as per their needs and convenience. Even with ready learning material available, learners often need support during an e-course to fully grasp the concepts and their practical applications.

There are many ways to introduce Mentors in e-learning - the most widely accepted one being through the Learning Management System. There are several reasons for this:
  • Easy access for Learners 
  • Security
  • Moderators can initiate and supervise interactions
  • Knowledge is built and grown within the system
Within a modern LMS, there are many technology affordances which support the role of a Mentor for an e-course. Utilizing one or more, a robust channel of communication can be created which supports the learners as per their needs.
  • Mentoring through E-Mail 
  • Mentoring through instant messaging/chat  
  • Mentoring through video-chat  
  • Mentoring through message board/discussion boards 
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