Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Creating Learning Solutions For Effective Corporate Training

In the context of learning, the word ‘asynchronous’ means that a learning initiative is completed by the learner, without the intervention of an instructor. With the advancement of technology, online learning and e-learning solutions are now increasingly popular.

For corporate training, many industries have embraced technology-aided learning with the help of e-learning software. This is due to the fact that the online learning delivery mode has been able to bring training as per the need of the learner and to audiences across vast geographies. Since corporate learners are more inclined to learning to succeed in their career, they do not need a physical instructor to push or motivate them into learning. They are also professionals who are pressed for time and would like to fit in trainings into their schedule as per their convenience.

There are many reasons why asynchronous learning solutions are effective in the corporate scenario

·      Learning Management Systems can identify a learner as per their role and work flow in the organization. From this data, they ascertain their learning requirements and chart out a learner path for customized learning. LMSs can assign suitable courses available within the LMS for each individual learner. This provides customized learning for learners – a necessary part of corporate training for the modern learner.

·   Learner assessments can be made richer and more useful with asynchronous learning through the LMS. The learner is judged on variety of things – interactions in the course content, timely completion of assignments, completion of referred courses, and fruitful participation in discussion boards and so on. These all-round assessments are not possible through a synchronous learning environment.

·      The diversity of the corporate audiences can often bring in a bias among peers in a learner group. With asynchronous learning the issue of bias does not arise as each learner is responsible for his or her own learning. However, thought leaders of the learning industry have realized that it is possible to mould asynchronous learning solutions offers multiple opportunities of collaboration among learners through discussion boards, emails or blogs. Through these channels the learners share their learning and experiences to gain collaborative knowledge.

·    With the advent and popularity of mobile devices. The mobile platform is also being utilized to deliver asynchronous learning to learners. A lot of different and innovative solutions are being developed aligned to the strength of the medium – like videos and podcasts. These learning modules make sure that the learners do not have look at the screen and read for a long time. They can just watch the video or listen to the podcast to gain instant knowledge.

Online learning has been very successful in corporatelearning and with advancements in technology; it will continue to create impactful solutions for the corporate audiences

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