Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Many Benefits Of Cloud LMS For Corporate Training

Training and Learning is necessary for the corporate workplace as knowledge and skills of employees have to be continually revived. So it is important for corporate employees to learn and get trained throughout their careers. With e-learning, training courses can be made readily available for the learners anytime and anywhere. This provides flexibility of learning and aligns it as per the needs of the learners. Learning Management Systems make learning available in an easily accessible manner as well as keep track of the learners’ progress. Of late, Cloud LMS are put in place which help organizations reduce additional hardware or implementation costs to provide hassle-free learning.

  1. Cloud Learning Management System make e-courseware available to learners in a seamless manner. With clean design and intuitive as well as logically structured UI, Cloud LMS makes sure that learners get used to the new learning system quickly. This increases the impact of learning as the learning curve is reduced considerably. This also encourages learners to interact more with the LMS – find more content and other capabilities to increase the utility of the LMS.
  2. Most Cloud Learning Management System have built in ‘search’ facility that help learners find pertinent content within the course catalogue of the LMS. The utility of the Cloud LMS is further increased as learners can look for want they want and find it easily.
  3. Cloud LMS has a lot of built in flexibility that provides options for learners to get a personalized feel to the learning environment. The UI can be customized in terms of color, images or theme. Being on the Cloud, Managers or administrators can log on anytime and assign different groups with a different ‘look’ even when out of office or travelling.
  4. Cloud LMS can also be accessed on mobile devices and the learners can log on with multiple devices as per their convenience. Thus they can choose to learn ‘on the go’ and utilize the e-content better, as and when it is most needed on the course of work.
  5. Even when LMS does not reside on the premise, the security concerns of data is maintained thoroughly. Through appropriate measures like encryption and firewalls, the data residing in the LMS is kept safe.
  6. Implementing the Cloud Learning Management System, the amount of data residing on the system can be increased as per the growing needs of the client. No extra costs or infrastructure is needed – saving cost as well as time. This gives the clients complete freedom to upload as much content as they deem fit for their learners. The learners too are given more freedom to choose what they want to learn and when.
  7. The number of concurrent users on the Cloud LMS are also flexible. This is a boon for smaller organizations who often experience an increased number of learners who require quick and efficient training. The benefit of Cloud LMS is that with growing number the system does not slow down at all.
Cloud LMS is a flexible system which help learners access e-learning better and makes learning a part of their everyday life.

Resource: Cloud LMS Provides Flexibility and Customization Capability for Corporate Training

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