Sunday, 7 January 2018

Emerging Role Of Self-Paced Learning In The Classroom Environment

With the development of learning and technology, corporate sector has completely transformed- including the way business is conducted and employees learn. When it comes to choosing the best mode of training through mobiles, enterprises often go with self-paced learning which enhances the learning experience. Adaptive learning has changed the way employees learn. As customized content strives to understand what a learner knows and how he takes hands-on experience, it can personalize the mobile learning experience.

Exploring the Scope of Intelligent Adaptive Learning

The trend of using adaptive learning at workplace is exponentially rising. It provides mobile learning using smart phones and tablets as interactivedevices to engage learners with training content as per the diversified needs. How well learning goes adaptive, depends upon the sophistication of a software used. The same predictive and intelligent use of data to impart personalization in e-commerce and other online applications has come to workplace learning. In addition to delivering recorded lessons and digital textbooks, an optimum use of technology involves effective performance assessments and engagement. Undoubtedly, adaptive learning is the next level of technology that accelerates learning for organizational workforce. The advanced model of learning is designed to provide the following solutions.

  • ·         Analysis of learners’ needs

The system interacts with learners to analyze data in real time, solving their problems, taking critical decisions and exploring new concepts.

  • ·         Alignment of curriculum

An intelligent system aligns all the chapters of a training curriculum by providing a planned sequence as the learner demonstrates readiness for the same.

  • ·         Customized pace

Adaptive assignments are included at the end of every learning module to monitor progress and determine learner’s pace throughout the program.

  • ·         Interactive problem-solving skills

Instant feedbacks encourage learners to rethink their strategies, rework on weak areas and improve performance.

Self-paced Learning Within a Classroom Setting

There are several organizations choosing a blended learning model that embeds self-paced learninginside a classroom environment. For this, educators are preparing lectures in the form of short nuggets. There are ample benefits of teaching this way as it enables employees to access courses at their own pace of time and location. Then, learners can be grouped together to empower the learning experience.

With the increasing demands for mobile technologies, adaptive learning has become the most valuable tool for effectively completing training courses. Choosing intelligent adaptive learning fulfills the criteria of excellence in training and personalizes learning experiences in new ways.

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