Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Importance Of ELearning Consulting For Competitive Organizations

Organizations are increasingly adopting E-learning not only for grooming employees but also for simplifying the accomplishment of organizational goals. This has also increased the need for high quality eLearning course development and Competitive organizations are now looking to hire companies which offer complete eLearning consulting services  including learning need analysis, course ware development, cost effectiveness of learning solutions, competency etc.

E-Learning consulting bridges the gap between learning and performance by identifying the loopholes which are hampering the growth of employees as well as organizations. It actively involves mentoring sessions with senior frontrunners, in-house development of courses, innovative approach in problem solving, project based learning etc.
Increasing number of organizations are outsourcing the development of eLearning courses to keep up with the pace of demand and restrictive timelines.

G-Cube has worked with many companies providing them assistance in developing eLearning courses. Here is an example through a detailed case study of one of the client:

A UK based IT training company provides training to IT professionals from MNCs to increase their knowledge and competency in various new technologies and new platforms. They focus more on practical training aspect for which they wanted to have simulation based learning course-ware. The challenge was that: client had to face growing demand for course material as the IT sector is dynamic with constant training need resulting in delayed delivery of the course material. So, client had to stop taking new projects because existing projects were taking up all the efforts and time.

The Client approached G-Cube and outsourced the entire process of content development. G-Cube focused on assuring the authenticity and quality of course-ware.

While developing content, the knowledge extracted out of subject-matter experts was closely scrutinized for linguistic and structural precision. In addition, a logical and smooth flow of information was created by instructional designers and course was made linguistically sound by the editorial team.

There were a number of benefits derived from the solution.
Smooth execution of all the projects as the project requirements were divided into layers and planned individually. Timely delivery of all the projects because of smooth transition of project layers focusing on quality. Timelines and high quality of the end product resulted in more business opportunities for the client. Thus third-party development of e-learning content was proved to be an excellent investment for the client.

E-Learning consulting is based on organizational structure, size, work culture, values and model of the company. Utilizing e-learning consulting services can successfully fill the knowledge gaps within the learning and development of any organization.

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