Thursday, 15 September 2016

Key Reasons For Increasing Popularity Of Game Based Learning

Gaming industry has attained huge popularity and success in recent years and now games are being used for formal and informal learning. 

In Corporate circles too game based learning is fast gaining popularity for training and learning purposes. Due to further advancement in video game technology experts are forced into in-depth research on the design and efficacy of game based learning. They explore the instructional designing strategies for designing innovative game based learning to make them popular and successful in the training industry.

Few reasons why Game based learning is gaining popularity in the corporate sector:
  • Highly Engaging- By creating game-based learning environment, motivation and learner’s engagement can be influenced positively. Learners work toward a goal, choose actions and experience the consequences of those actions while playing game. They get a chance to make mistakes in a risk-free scenario, and this substitute different skills acquisition as well. Learners get engaged as they practice behaviors and thought processes while transferring from simulated environment to real life.
  • Development- Games play important role in personal development and improvement in learner’s self-esteem. Games are very helpful in breaking social and cultural boundaries. They also have some hidden interactive elements which learners can explore. The level of complexity of interactions should depend on the learner group.
  • Evaluation- Games can provide a close link between action and immediate feedback. Learners get a chance to scrutinize their activities and judge their own performance. Then, they can evaluate themselves and take necessary course of actions to perform better.
  • Explanatory- Games are explanatory in the sense that games have illustrations for the learners to do self-assessment and find out their weak and strong areas. This is how they can work hard in the areas of concern. Games also provide suitable background to explain where he/she has done well and where improvement is needed.
  • Elaborative- Game based learning provides a resource unit with comprehensive documents or audio-visuals, that provide useful information on the subject a learner is going through. This helps the learner to score better and enhance knowledge.
Usually learning is hypothesized as a multidimensional paradigm of learning skills, intellectual learning outcomes such as practical, declarative, strategic knowledge and attitudes. Game based learning solutions are used in some areas of corporate trainings very effectively, specifically in FMCG, banking, pharmaceutical, business, physical, automobiles etc. In most of the cases serious games and simulations are applied to provide platform for learners’ to apply acquired knowledge, to experiment and get feedback in form of consequences adding to their experiences in the “risk free world”. 

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