Tuesday, 17 January 2017

5 Most Amazing eLearning Authoring Tools

Authoring tools are used enormously for the development and creation of eLearning courses as these tools facilitate the presentation of courses with animations, texts, video and audios. Let us take a look at some of the most amazing and popular eLearning authoring tools that we have come across in the year 2016.

Camtasia Studio 8- Camtasia studio 8 provides tools to record on-screen activity and convert them into clear and crisp professional videos which learners can watch at their convenient time. Edited and customized videos can be shared directly from app to You Tube, Google Drive etc. There are various tools in the program to which can be utilized to make the videos complete. These tools are multiple transition options, Voice Narration, Zoom, Pan Effect, Cursor Effects, Captions, and Quizzing etc. It also provides built-in tools for enhancing and improving audio quality of voice recording.

iSpring Suite 8-  iSpring Suite 8 is the most powerful tool for eLearning authoring in power point. It offers fantastic capabilities for creating interactive presentations, video lectures and screencasts. Few of the most amazing and powerful features include:

  • Conversion stimulator for creating interactive simulations.
  • Screen recording tool for creating eLearning content to training software.
  • Video lecture player for combining presentation slides and video todeliver them in modern devices.
  • Audio and video editor for editing facilities such as noise reduction, cut, fade out/fade in etc.
  • Quiz maker which makes assessment authoring quicker, more convenient and useful.

ELUCIDAT- Elucidat is powerful at creating responsive output and is compatible with HTML 5. It is very helpful with its cloud based content authoring tool that facilitates collaboration of remote eLearning teams. It has in built themes and library of images and objects for online content creation that can run on different browsers and devices. It also has HTML and CSS editor for more customization.  Elucidat’s rapid release feature syncs this eLearning authoring tool with your website and LMS so that you update content easily without re-uploading. Another time saving capability of Elucidat is that it can identify and change master elements across the courses.

Lectora Online- Lectora online is helpful when your course is vanished or ruined as it claims disaster recovery. It is easy to move the elements within the course through drag and drop interface. Online central repository makes it easy to upload and use media across courses. Lectora online supports collaborative work environment allowing learners to create notes and assignments for other team members. It also offers simple tools for course creation and customization of learner names, assessment scores etc. with inline variable replacement functionality.

Articulate Storyline- Articulate Storyline provides power point look and feel and can be used for creating interactive and engaging course content by using features such as triggers, variables, layers etc.

It also offers ability to import content, media and assessments from excel or text files.

One of the most evident benefits of using eLearning authoring tools for creating eLearning courses is the ease with which you are able to reutilize learning objects that create a lesson plan – from an existing course into a new one.

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