Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Emergence Of Bite-Sized Learning To Improve Your Corporate Learning Experience

Attention spans are falling at the same time technology is advancing, resulting in a digital skills gap and decreased workplace productivity. Therefore, it is essential to adopt some better ways of learning and teaching at workplace. Microlearning caters to the diverse needs of learners, thereby solving the hurdles set up by technology. It perfectly suits the information-rich lifestyle, enabling users to access e-learning content anytime and anywhere. Because microlearning is short and crisp, it helps boosting employee efficiency and knowledge retention.

Leveraging Microlearning On Your Mobile Devices

For organizations and trainers to deliver bite-sized content is to reduce their training & infrastructural costs and ensure high workforce productivity. Gone are the days when the thought of using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones was unimaginable. Educators used the blend of instructor-led classroom training and e-learning as the cornerstone to develop an efficient corporate training & development program.

Today, the discussion of mobility in e-learning includes the special mention of another approach-microlearning. It is the delivery of short and simple nuggets of lessons that embrace multimedia elements to ensure improved learning experiences. Instead of sitting in a 90-minute live classroom session over days or weeks, employees prefer learning at the point of need, as per their convenience of time and location. When microlearning is delivered on mobile platforms, the potential doubles. For instance, imagine a team of safety specialists going for their first inspection. They can use their mobile phones and recall relevant information by accessing interactive videos and presentations.

In a digital era where learners can glance down at their personalized mobile devices and access the right kind of information at the right time, why would anyone turn to textbooks at all? Undoubtedly, new-age learners are glued to their smartphones and tablets, therefore there is an exponential rise in following a microlearning trend to develop an effective e-learning strategy at the workplace.

Microlearning- Learning Beyond Bite-Sized

Today, e-learning developers prefer dividing content into manageable chunks, which are easier to fit into multiple training sessions, providing a more personalized learning experience. Learning nuggets are building blocks which can be a video, infographic, quiz, game or any other group activity. To be effective, audios and videos are no longer than two minutes and each nugget no longer than five. The bottom line is, microlearning features rich-media content which is presented in a strategic way. Every aspect of online learning is significant and when delivered via a mobile device, it overcomes the element of friction. When micro content is embedded with mobile technology, the potential of e-learning content development improves.

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