Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Top Trends Shaping The Future Of Learning In 2018

In today’s fast pace world, employees need to be trained to allow organizations  mitigate the risks of being out-thought by competitors. One way to stay ahead of the curve in evolving market conditions is to adopt a business strategy that optimizes learning efficiency and workforce productivity. The current state of e-learning market continues to shift and evolve. This is demonstrated by increasing training budgets, rising prevalence of online learning in varied geographical locations, emerging e-learning trends and growing scope of social learning round the world.

Top E-Learning Trends in 2018

The way e-learning trends have paved their path in the last year and the way 2018 is shaping up, it is expected that technology trends will continue to play an eminent role in your organization. Let us discuss the top e-learning trends to watch out in this year:

  • Increasing Use of Chatbots

Chatbotsare driving the e-learning world by storm. These devices help humans communicate with computer systems in their native language without any hassle. Efficient chatbots will determine the needs of users and complement these with quick navigation buttons and images that depict available options. By embedding these visual aids, chatbots help reducing the time and effort required to interact with the system, leading to optimized learning experiences.

  • Scope of Augmented Reality (AR)

AR is an emerging technology using which computer-generated audios, videos, graphics and texts are combined with real world scenarios to deliver comprehensive knowledge. It is an interactive way of depicting virtual objects as part of the real world. Several industries using AR include healthcare, automobile, education, aviation and others. With time, it will be interesting to know how other domains will embrace ample use of AR.

  • Introducing Gamification with E-Learning

Employee motivation can be a problem for learners, when they don’t know the purpose of training. The concept of gamification is introduced with e-learning to engage and encourage maximum employees. Incorporation of rewards and badges on achieving a certain level in the gamified training course, boost workplace performance as well as learners’ knowledge retention. Most organizations are pitching the trend of gamification as the next big thing in technology circles.

  • Role of Data Analytics

Data analytics has proved to be one of the crucial factors that determine the growth curvatures of learning organizations. It assesses how learners seek information, access training materials and understand diversified needs. By providing employees with the ability to analyze success, analytics help them enhance the overall quality and efficiency of their e-courses.

2018 is the year which leverages technological advances and strategies, thereby making learning more fun and personalized. It is now the turn of enterprises to implement these innovations and educate their personnel to the best. 

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