Monday, 5 March 2018

The Age Of Data Analytics: Competing In Today’s Technology-Driven World

For the past few years, data has continued to make rapid technological advances, especially on the frontiers of deep learning and automation. Modern organizations collect raw data which is blended with innovative analytical tools to improve workplace productivity and develop new opportunities. They are leveraging new sources to gain incredible value and competitive advantage.

Most of the organizations are in their nascent phase of considering the potential benefits of data analytics at a workplace. With years of experience, they have identified the top use cases of data analytics to deliver the real business value.

Data Analytics in e-learning is the key to unleashing the insights from your customer’s behavior, whether structured or unstructured, because you can collect, blend, integrate and analyze data to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. For instance, you can get a complete view of customer acquisition journey to organize campaigns that increase conversion rates. Or you also address their failures along the path along with analyzing their behavior at risks of churn. The emerging trend of data analytics is accelerating technological advances and reducing business disruptions:

► Today, most of the enterprises utilize only a fraction of the total value from data available to them. The extreme progress has occurred at location-based and retail sectors who have native competitors from all over.

► The biggest hurdle that companies face while extracting value from data is the task to embed data-driven insights into day-to-day business processes. Another challenge is to engage the right talent who can efficiently blend data with industry expertise.

► Data is considered as a crucial asset for organizations. It comes from the internet, sensors, mobile devices and other sources, and its value associated with the ultimate usage.

► Recent advances in technology have enabled machine learning to solve plethora of problems within an organization. Systems embedding machine learning help to manage logistics, assess medical records and offer incredible customer service.

Big Data and Analytics are trembling the strategies followed by different kinds of industries, leaving a positive impact on their overall efficiency. Today, a bigger wave is emerging on the horizons with the increasing scope for machines to improve problem-solving and decision-making capabilities. In today’s modern scenario, integration of data analytics with e-learning has opened a new space for innovation and personalized learning experience. It helps to engage maximum organizational workforce along with providing instant feedbacks to monitor their performance. This, in turn, helps to reshape the complete e-learning process to identify the impact of learning analytics on present as well as future training models.

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